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Banana Boat Sport Ultra SPF 100 Sunscreen Lotion, 4oz, Pack of 2

Banana Boat Sport Ultra SPF 100 Sunscreen Lotion, 4oz, Pack of 2

Weight: 1.00 Brand: Banana Boat Rating: 4.6

Rated 4.6/5 based on 1443 customer reviews

Price: 15316 PKR

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Product Details

For outdoor enthusiasts and sport aficionados seeking robust sun protection, the Banana Boat Sport Ultra SPF 100 Sunscreen Lotion emerges as a premier choice. Available in a convenient 4oz, pack of 2 configuration, this sunscreen offers an impressive SPF 100, providing superior defense against the sun's harmful rays. Renowned for its lightweight formula, it ensures 99% protection against burning rays, making it an ideal ally for those with an active lifestyle. Whether it's for a day at the beach, an intense outdoor game, or any adventure under the sun, this sport-strength sunscreen promises to keep your skin safe and undamaged. Highly rated across various platforms, with a 4.6/5 score from over a thousand reviews on Amazon and Walmart, users celebrate its efficacy and water-resistant capabilities, affirming its endurance against sweat and water for up to 80 minutes. Despite its powerful protection, the lotion maintains a non-greasy feel and does not run into the eyes, ensuring a comfortable and worry-free experience. With availability across major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay, securing your pack is convenient, making it a must-have for your outdoor protection arsenal.

Product Features

  • SUPERIOR ENDURANCE VS. SWEAT & WATER — From family fun to hardcore competition, Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen SPF 100 provides strong sun protection that stays on so you can play on

  • CLINICALLY PROVEN UVA/UVB PROTECTION — This SPF 100 broad spectrum sunscreen lotion protects skin from 99% of burning rays

  • LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE FORMULA — Non-greasy feel won't weigh you down

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE SPF 100 SUNSCREEN — Water & sweat resistant for up to 80 minutes

  • LASTS AS LONG AS THE FUN DOES — Reapply as directed on the product label

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