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JOYMOOP Mop and Bucket Set: Flat Floor Cleaning with Microfiber Pads for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile

JOYMOOP Mop and Bucket Set: Flat Floor Cleaning with Microfiber Pads for Hardwood, Laminate, Tile

Weight: 4.29 Brand: JOYMOOP Rating: 4.3

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Product Details

Introducing the JOYMOOP Mop and Bucket Set, your ultimate solution for flat floor cleaning. This set comes with high-quality microfiber pads designed to effectively clean hardwood, laminate, and tile surfaces. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and grime as you effortlessly glide the mop across your floors. The microfiber pads trap dust and debris, leaving your floors spotless and shiny. With the JOYMOOP Mop and Bucket Set, you can achieve professional-level cleanliness in your home or office. Say hello to hassle-free floor cleaning and enjoy the convenience and efficiency of this popular and sought-after cleaning tool.

Product Features

  • HOUSEHOLD CLEANING TOOL : JOYMOOP mop and bucket with wringer set, 2 chambers of mop bucket, WASH and DRY, scratch dirt away in WASH chamber, squeeze out of water in DRY chamber, without hands cleaning.

  • MOP AND BUCKET: self cleaning mop, SAVE your time and labor, let the bucket do more than by yourself, mopping is just between mop and bucket, be free from dirty water, All you need to do is inserting and pulling the mop.

  • MOPS FOR FLOOR CLEANING: with 360° rotation mop head, it can reach to any corners and those "under-the-whatever" places. And adjustable Stainless Steel Handle can be extended from 26.5 to 50.0 inches, do mopping with your whole family members by this Clean Home Mop.

  • EASY STORAGE: All pieces are compact enough to fit effortlessly inside the bucket. When you don't use it, just put it in the corner and never worry about taking up too much space.

  • WASHABLE MICROFIBER PAD REFILLS: 3 microfiber mop pads refills come with this set. Strong water absorption let you easily do any wet and dry cleaning. Washable mop pads maintain quality after washed in your washing machine, keep long-term usability.


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