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HeadBlade ATX Multi-blade Head Shaver with carrying Box

HeadBlade ATX Multi-blade Head Shaver with carrying Box

Weight: 0.70 Brand: HeadBlade Rating: 4.1

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Product Details

For those in Pakistan looking to achieve a sleek, bald style with precision and ease, the HeadBlade ATX Multi-blade Head Shaver with Carrying Box is your ultimate grooming ally. Designed for the modern man, this ergonomic head razor comes equipped with a multi-blade configuration for an exceptionally close shave. The skull shaver's non-slip grip and flexible head razor adapt to the contours of your head, ensuring no spot is missed. Its portable and travel-friendly design, complete with a carrying case, makes it an ideal companion for those on the go. Whether you're seeking a durable razor for maintaining a bald look or a complete head shaving solution, the HeadBlade ATX offers a professional-grade shaving experience. Its wet and dry capabilities, coupled with a rubber handle for secure handling, make it versatile for any shaving routine. The full head shaving kit not only promises an advanced and smooth shave but also includes a head grooming kit with all the essentials stored in a compact case. Opt for the HeadBlade ATX for an unmatched head shaving system that caters to sensitive skin and delivers a precision shave every time. Embrace the convenience and quality of this top-rated electric head shaver, designed for those who value a clean, bald head razor shave.

Product Features

  • RIGID FUNCTIONALITY - Designed with a rigid body to give a straight, effective shave

  • REVOLUTIONARY DESIGN - Just like its newer version, HeadBlade MOTO Razor, this razor also utilizes new multi-blade technology with flow through design.

  • EASILY ACCESSIBLE - Eliminates the learning curve for anyone who previously used a conventional razor

  • FINGER RING - Provides an easy and sturdy hold to make shaving a breeze

  • BLADE COMPATIBILITY - Includes one HB4 Blade, compatible with HB4 and HB6 refill packs

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