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TCA 25% Skin Peel ( pH 1.2 ) 30ml

TCA 25% Skin Peel ( pH 1.2 ) 30ml

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Product Details

Experience the transformative power of TCA 25% Skin Peel (pH 1.2) 30ml and unlock a world of radiant, flawless skin. This advanced acid peel is a game-changer in skin rejuvenation, targeting a wide range of concerns with exceptional efficacy. As a 25% TCA peel solution, it boasts a potent formula that can effectively address stubborn issues such as tattoos, scars, wrinkles, freckles, acne, clogged pores, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, lip creases, blackheads, fine lines, age spots, dark spots, skin tags, moles, and more. With each application, this pH balanced skin peel gently works to resurface your skin, revealing a smoother, healthier complexion that is free from lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation issues. Say goodbye to dull, uneven skin and embrace a renewed sense of confidence. This TCA peel is not just an ordinary acid peel for skin; it is a powerful tool in your skincare arsenal, providing professional-grade results in the comfort of your own home. Unlock the secret to flawless skin and treat yourself to the extraordinary benefits of TCA 25% Skin Peel (pH 1.2) 30ml. Elevate your skincare routine and unveil the best version of yourself.

Product Features

  • Professionally formulated to reduce scars, wrinkles, fine lines, acne & reverse the visible signs of aging.

  • Stimulates development of new collagen and elastin fibroblasts

  • Reduces sebaceous follicle blockage, unclogs pores, and kills bacteria responsible for acne

  • Provides a smoother, softer appearance of the skin


  • (INITIAL APPLICATION) Patch tests are strongly recommended before applying this fully to the skin. Apply peel for 30 seconds or less. Begin to stop activity and remove peel by flushing with cool water. Contact time may be increased with tolerance. 

  • (APPLICATION) Apply peel evenly for 1-2 minutes depending on skin sensitivity, with an appropriate applicator pad. Rinse generously with cool water. May repeat treatment 2-3 weeks in the absence of skin irritation. Peel may be layered to enhance effectiveness.


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