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35% TCA Professional Grade Acid Skin Peel Kit - 0.5 Fl.Oz (15ml)

35% TCA Professional Grade Acid Skin Peel Kit - 0.5 Fl.Oz (15ml)

Weight: 0.30 Brand: Splendora Rating: 4.7

Rated 4.7/5 based on 89 customer reviews

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Product Features

  • Instant Beauty: If you are sick of waiting forever for skin care products to work? Then this acid peel is for you. It's change you can see.

  • Dramatic Results: TCA Skin Peel can remarkably smooth skin, remove years of damage & erase wrinkles. giving you flawless skin.

  • Fixes Ugly: TCA acid can fix many ugly skin conditions like stretch marks, warts, moles and age spots hyperpigmintation and even tattoos.

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