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80% TCA Acid Skin Peel Kit, Professional Grade Acid - 0.5Fl.Oz (15ml)

80% TCA Acid Skin Peel Kit, Professional Grade Acid - 0.5Fl.Oz (15ml)

Weight: 0.30 Brand: Splendora Rating: 4.3

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TCA Peel can easily be applied to lighten skin & improve/remove tattoos, scars, wrinkles, freckles, acne, clogged pores, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, lip creases, black heads fine lines, age spots, dark spots, skin tags, moles & more.What to Expect: Your skin will be smoother, less pigmentation issues, lines and wrinkles will dissepear, and pore size will be reduced. Leaving Your skin with a healthy glow and a lower chance of breakouts.All of our TCA peels are easily diluted with water. The higher the concentration of our TCA acid the deeper the skin peel. Blackheads acne dissepear at 10-15%. Wrinkles & stretch marks can be smoothed and erased at 25-50%. Tattoos, age spots, moles, warts and skin tags can disappear at 50-100%.Do tiny patch test before using and after the peel, remember to apply sun block to treated area.
Instant Beauty: If you are sick of waiting forever for skin care products to work? Then this acid peel is for you. It's change you can see.
Dramatic Results: TCA Skin Peel can remarkably smooth skin, remove years of damage & erase wrinkles. giving you flawless skin.
Fixes Ugly: TCA acid can fix many ugly skin conditions like stretch marks, warts, moles and age spots hyperpigmintation and even tattoos.


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