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Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut Thermal Paste, 7.8g

Thermal Grizzly Hydronaut Thermal Paste, 7.8g

Weight: 0.50 Brand: Thermal Grizzly Rating: 4.3

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Product Details

 As the name shows, hydranaut is used as the thermal paste in the water cooling system. In a  large water cooling system, thermal grizzly hydranaut provides you optimal thermal conductivity 

for the transfer of heat from one medium to another medium. Hydranaut is manufacture according to the ROHS standards. Hydranaut has a silicon-free carrier  structure. This silicon-free structure has very low weight and has a high degree of flexibility.  Which makes hydranaut easy to apply. Thermal grizzly specially manufactures this product for those users who have a large heat sink.
Thermal conductivity 11.8W/mk
Thermal resistance. 0.0076K/W
Electrical conductivity. 0ps/m
Viscosity. 140-190Pas
Spec weight 2.6g/cm³
Temperature. -200°C/+350°C
Content. 1.5ml/3.9g-3ml/7.8g
Excellent thermal conductivity in the water cooling system, no curring, overclocking, silicon-free  carrier structure, electrically conductive make this product the best choice for users.Aeronaut Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut is the ideal thermal paste that shows excellent results. This product is  specially made for those users who want to optimize their cooling system effectively. For example, if you want to replace the thermal paste to your hardware it will remove easily and never leave a micro scratch on your hardware. In aeronaut metallic elements is slightly lower as compared to other products of Thermal Grizzly but it is very reliable and shows the high thermal conductivity.
In the laboratory test, Thermal Grizzly Aeronaut shows long term resistance at high temperatures. And it is very easy to apply and remove gently from the hardware.
Thermal conductivity. 8.5W/mk
Thermal resistance. 0.0129k/w
Electrical conductivity. 0ps/m
Viscosity. 110-160Pas
Spec weight. 2.6g/cm³
Temperature. -150°C/+200°C
Content. 1.5ml/3.9g-3ml/7.8g
Excellent thermal conductivity, long term stability, no curing, electrically nonconductive, easily  useable, can be used on aluminum cooler made this product an excellent choice for users.

Product Features


  • Thermal paste ideal for optimizing thermal conductivity
  • Thermal conductivity: 11.8 W / mk
  • Thermal resistance: 0.0076 K / W
  • Electrical conductivity: * 0 pS / m
  • Content: 7.8g

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