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Arctic Fox - Ritual Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye Color 236ml, Burgundy Hair Dye

Arctic Fox - Ritual Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye Color 236ml, Burgundy Hair Dye

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Product Details

Arctic Fox - Ritual Semi-Permanent Vegan Hair Dye Color 236ml, Burgundy Hair Dye is the perfect choice for those who desire a vibrant and long-lasting #BurgundyHairColor. This jewel-toned hue is particularly stunning on hair at level 7 and above, showcasing a deep and vibrant red and purple jewel-toned color. Whether you're looking to express your individuality or add a touch of boldness to your style, #ArcticFoxRitual is the solution. This #CrueltyFree and #VeganHairDye is not only a feast for your eyes but also a treat for your hair. Formulated with care, Arctic Fox's Ritual is a long-lasting direct dye that conditions your hair, leaving it feeling healthier and deeply hydrated. The dye is designed to provide a bold and vivid color payoff, making a statement while ensuring the health of your hair.

Arctic Fox offers a wide range of vibrant and cruelty-free hair dyes, and #RitualHairColor stands out as a versatile and attention-grabbing choice. The semi-permanent nature of this dye allows you to experiment with your look without a long-term commitment, making it ideal for those who love to change up their style. The Ritual hair color has gained popularity not only for its stunning appearance but also for its ease of use. By following simple instructions, you can achieve the desired burgundy hue. You can explore various color combinations, such as the #RitualTransylvaniaCollection or the #RitualBlueJeanBabyCollection, to customize your look and create a unique hair color that suits your style.

With positive reviews and high ratings, including 71,961 reviews on Amazon, #ArcticFoxRitual has become a favorite among users. The product's success is attributed to its impressive color payoff, conditioning properties, and the brand's commitment to being vegan and cruelty-free. #ArcticFoxRitual is not just a hair dye; it's a way to express yourself creatively while making a conscious choice for cruelty-free and vegan beauty. Embrace the boldness of Ritual and enjoy the journey of transforming your hair into a gorgeous, jewel-toned masterpiece.

Product Features

  • Your hair Ritual just got even BETTER: Introducing Ritual. You want it? You got it. Ritual is a highly pigmented, rich shade. She is a gorgeous jewel-toned burgundy hue that works best on level 7 and up. Can't have bright shades in the work place? No problem! This vibe-y red velvet flies under the radar.

  • #AFprotip: Want a softer, more pastel version? Dilute for our forever fav- the sultry and playful dusty rose. What's your ritual?

  • Made only from vegan ingredients with no animal by-products. No harmful chemicals in Arctic Fox hair dye that damage the hair like chemical based hair colors.

  • Arctic Fox hair dyes are gentle for frequent use and actually conditions your hair as it restores vibrancy.

  • Long lasting Colors, Smears Less, Sweet Scent, No Peroxide, No Ammonia, No Ethyl Alcohol, No PPD.

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