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POLARIS Fragrance by Issey Miyake EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 3.3 OZ

POLARIS Fragrance by Issey Miyake EAU DE PARFUM SPRAY 3.3 OZ

Weight: 0.50 Brand: Issey Miyake Rating: 4.1

Rated 4.1/5 based on 90 customer reviews

Price: 47258 PKR

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Product Details

Embrace the transformative journey that POLARIS EAU De Parfum Spray offers, a symphony of delights that ignites the senses. The incense takes center stage, a bold and captivating note that weaves a tapestry of allure. Its dance is accompanied by a delicate undercurrent of sweetness, gifted by amber and vanilla, infusing the air with a touch of enchantment. This fragrance transcends the ordinary; it's a voyage into mystery and elegance, a celestial companion for the night. As you wear it, you're enveloped in a cloak of intrigue, a fragrant aura that emanates confidence and grace. For those seeking a companion during colder days, this is more than a scent – it's an experience, a reminder that warmth can be found in every note. While the incense stands strong, a testament to its potency, it's a symphony of contrasts that awakens the senses. Let this be your guide to moments of olfactory delight, an homage to the power of scent to uplift and inspire.

Product Features

  • Brand: Issey Miyake

  • Item Form: Liquid

  • Item Volume: 100 Milliliters

  • Fragrance Concentration: Eau_de_parfum

  • Age Range (Description): Adult

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