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Pokemon Cards - BW EMERGING POWERS - Booster Pack

Pokemon Cards - BW EMERGING POWERS - Booster Pack

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  • The secrets of the Unova region are now yours to command. In the Pok3mon TCG: Black and White Emerging Powers expansion, astonishing new Pokemon are available for the very first time,

  • Including the rare and powerful Legendary Pokemon Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Thundurus, and Tornadus With brand-new Item cards to revitalize your deck, the Black and White Emerging Powers expansion offers Trainers all of the amazing new strategies of Unova

  • There are 5 different artwork variations of booster packs for Emerging Powers, including artwork with Zoroark, the listing is for (1) random booster pack from any of the five artwork versions

  • Each pack contains 10 random cards from the Emerging Powers set, with at least 1 card guaranteeed to be a Rare or better

  • Each pack also has a chance to get full art and holo cards and more

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