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Pranovo Goat Hobbles Binding Tool For Milk A Difficult Goat

Pranovo Goat Hobbles Binding Tool For Milk A Difficult Goat

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Product Features

  • A BINDING TOOL: Goat hobbles are a binding tool for the goat's hind legs that help to hold them in place. They restrict movement just enough so you have time to move the milk bucket before she can kick it over or stick her dirty foot inside altogether.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Goat Hobbles are a safe and effective way to keep you and an uncooperative doe safe on the milk stand. And help to keep a goat from kicking the milk stand.
  • WIDE,THICK AND STURDY: The straps are wide, thick and sturdy enough to keep the goat from kicking out easily, yet are easy to use and to adjust.
  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN: These hobbles are made with loop closures for easy leg cuff adjustment, and are constructed from 2" wide black nylon webbing.The velcro is secure enough to hold your animal in place yet not so binding that you can't get them off quickly in an emergency.
  • MILK A DIFFICULT GOAT: Hobbles are simple really, just a wide strap that you wrap around each of the goat's upper legs. Once secured into place the hobbles will keep your goat from kicking and jumping keeping both you and her safe on the milk stand.

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