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Ruimio Silicone Cleaning Makeup Brush Handheld Design Pink Peppermint Green-2.9oz (84g)

Ruimio Silicone Cleaning Makeup Brush Handheld Design Pink Peppermint Green-2.9oz (84g)

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Product Details

Ruimio Silicone Cleaning Makeup Brush is very easy to use put your 2 fingers inside and use indoor and outdoor. It has short hanging hooks that provide you to hang for dry with ease. For the fastest and most effective results, you need to include a little bit of soap or shampoo to clean the dirt, oil, mud, and bacteria from your makeup brushes.

Product Features

Here is the perfect accessory for when it is time to clean your brushes.
Cleaning Cosmetics brossee Features:
- Cute little device is very easy to use and enables you to use less soap that you clean, it will extend the life of your makeup brushes
- The soft silicone material feels good in your hand is soft on your brushes, hygienic and nonporous, and will last for years
- The beautiful shape, eye-catching colours and use of this brush clean together make it a great gift. Why not take it to a friend, family member or you even?
Tips to clean makeup brushes:
- When Wet With Warm Water And The Brush Apply several drops of shampoo brush, this baby's shampoo is best).
- Work, by gently rubbing the brush bristles and foam on the ruimio make up brush. Use of large brushes and the crest of other areas for small brushes.
Clean and rinse the brush in water. I repeat with shampoo a clean air mousse.
- Pat the brush brush with a paper towel, and dry when they are wet. Leaves – The Air Dry Brush into the handle on the table with the bristles out by top board.
If you have any questions about the operation, you can find a lot of videos, articles on how to use it on the web.

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