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Silicone Scar Sheets 1.6” x 120” Tape Roll for Surgical Scars, Burn, Tummy Tucks, Acne, C-Section, Stretch Mark

Silicone Scar Sheets 1.6” x 120” Tape Roll for Surgical Scars, Burn, Tummy Tucks, Acne, C-Section, Stretch Mark

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Product Details

Introducing our versatile Silicone Scar Sheets, the all-in-one solution for managing various types of scars including surgical scars, burns, tummy tucks, acne, C-section, and stretch marks. Crafted from medical-grade silicone, these scar treatment sheets are designed to offer the best in scar reduction, adhering seamlessly to your skin with silicone adhesive. Our sheets are not only reusable but also waterproof, ensuring long-lasting use and effectiveness in scar therapy.

Perfect for anyone seeking a gentle yet efficient method to heal and diminish the visibility of scars, our silicone patches are praised in scar treatment reviews for their ability to alleviate discomfort and promote skin repair. Whether you're dealing with keloid, hypertrophic, or surgical scars, these top-rated silicone scar bandages provide a non-invasive remedy that can be easily applied at home.

FDA-approved for safety and efficacy, these silicone scar sheets come in a convenient 1.6” x 120” tape roll, making them customizable to cover and protect any scar size. They're especially ideal for sensitive areas post-C-section or for acne scars, offering a comforting layer of support as your skin heals. Discover the before and after transformation with regular use, as these silicone sheets work to soften, flatten, and fade scars. They're an essential part of any scar management regimen, providing a sleek, durable solution backed by scientific research.

Available for purchase online, our Silicone Scar Sheets are not only affordable but also a high-quality option compared to other brands on the market. Make an informed decision by comparing prices and reviews, and buy with confidence knowing you're choosing a product designed for effective scar healing and skin repair. Join the countless individuals who have seen significant improvement in their scars’ appearance—experience the difference today with our Silicone Scar Sheets, a must-have for anyone looking to restore their skin's natural beauty.

Product Features

  • SILICONE SCAR TAPE FOR SURGICAL SCARS - The silicone gel scar tape made with scar repair ingredient. It’s non-irritating and easily apply and remove. Silicone scar gel is effective to dilute old scars, remove scars and prevent the formation of new scars.

  • Breathable & Comfortable - The scar patch is composed of a layer of polyurethane and a sticky non-woven sheet covered with soft silicone. The silicone bandage adheres very well, are comfortable to wear, and easy-tear design can be cut to size. There is no discomfort when applying and peeling off.

  • REUSABLE & WASHABLE - Each sheet is washable and reusable several times. When the silicone scar strips are difficult to clean or stick, you need to replace it with a new scar removal patch. Scar recovery results vary from person to person. Usually new scars are recommended to use for 3-6 months to see initial results, old scars are recommended to use continuously for more than 6-12 months to achieve ideal results. The earlier you use it, the longer the better.

  • IMPROVES APPEARANCE DAMAGED SKIN - Scar tape can be used to improve various red raised scars, such as red raised scars caused by various operations such as burns, cuts, caesarean section, appendicitis, thyroid, and pediatric surgery. The gel layer closely adheres to the stratum corneum of the skin to form an airtight barrier to prevent moisture from evaporating, thereby producing hydration and smoothing scars.

  • SOFTEN OLD & NEW SCARS - Silicone gel scar rolls are made of flexible, highly compliant and self-adhesive high-grade silicone that can be tightly fit the scar tissue to create a water-tight environment and increase the local skin temperature and pressure, promote the hydration of the scar keratinous tissue, and achieve the effect of improving the scar tissue, making it flat and soft.

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